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When Should I Service My Boiler?

Boiler servicing is key if you want your boiler to last for as many years as possible. A service checks for any broken components and repairs them before the issue becomes out of hand. This means your boiler will be up and running for one more year! As well as this, it keeps your bill low, by ensuring everything is running efficiently. But when do you need to service your boiler?

Service each year

Ideally, your boiler should be serviced towards the end of the summer, each year. This ensures it will run smoothly throughout winter, which is when you need your boiler the most. There is nothing worse than trying to turn your heating on and finding an issue with your boiler. 

If you're based in the Watford area and need a service for the winter, why not book a boiler service with us today?

Service when you move homes

When you move to a new house, it is a good idea to get your boiler serviced. The previous owners may have said they got it serviced, but it is better to do it for yourself for extra peace of mind. As well as this, it sets you up for annual servicing from then on! Service when you move in to ensure your home is safe and sound.

Service when things seem inefficient

If you have noticed your gas bills creeping up, it may be time for you to book in for a service. A lot of issues with your boiler can cause it to run inefficiently which, as a result, causing your bills to creep up. By servicing your boiler we can spot any issues, repairing them and getting things back up and running.

Service even when things seems to be running smoothly

The biggest mistake people make is not getting their boiler serviced because it seems to be running smoothly. Many boiler problems start off small and unnoticeable, making them hard to detect for yourself. However, our gas engineers can find them when we take a deeper look. We can fix any small issues before they become more serious.

Need a boiler service in Watford?

Our team offer boiler services across Watford, Bushey, St Albans, Borehamwood, Potters Bar, Berkhamsted, Barnet, Radlett, Hemel Hampstead, Mill Hill and Edgware. Is it time you get your boiler serviced? If so, arrange your free quote today. Give us a call on 07507914772 or email us at gasecoheat@hotmail.com. We hope to hear from you soon!