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The Advantages of Installing a New Boiler

When you get a new boiler, the only downside is the initial cost. Once you have paid for it, you will only experience benefits! We know it can be hard to part with the money needed to get a new boiler, so we have created a list explaining all of the advantages of replacing your boiler!

Lower energy bills

Having an efficient boiler means you get to enjoy having lower energy bills. Your savings will soon begin to add up each month, and you can use them to offset the cost fo your boiler- or to spend them on something much more interesting! The energy savings mean that in time, the cost of your boiler initially will be more than worth it!

Greater efficiency

Condensing technology is now required by law, so any new boiler you decide on will be over 90% efficient. This makes a big difference to the amo8nt of energy that is being wasted and how much is actually being used to heat your home. Less wasted energy is better for everyone, as well as being much kinder to the environment. 

More discrete unit

Your new boiler will come in a more discrete unit, as it will be smaller and quieter. A quiet boiler can make a big difference if it is located on the other side of a bedroom wall. However, the smaller size gives lots more options for location, such as hidden away in a kitchen cupboard.

New warranty

Some boilers come with a warranty or guarantee, protecting you from the cost of any repairs for years to come. Warranties can last between 2 and over 15 years, depending on which boiler manufacturer you choose.

Improved temperature control

When you get a new boiler, it may be compatible with a smart thermostat or something similar. This gives you much better control over the temperature of your home, as you can change the heating in each room individually! Even better, you can do it all from your smartphone!

Need a new boiler in Watford?

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