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How to Prevent a Boiler Breakdown

While some boiler problems, such as a worn out part, are unavoidable, there are several things you can do to help keep your boiler in good working order and reduce the risk of it breaking down. Below, we’ve included the main simple steps you can take to help your boiler stay healthy and lower the chance of it leaving you stranded without heat or hot water.

Have your boiler serviced regularly

A yearly boiler service is probably the single best thing you can do to help keep it healthy. By doing this, you’re ensuring your boiler is regularly checked for emerging problems, performance levels and safety. During a boiler service the engineer will also clean the inside of your boiler, removing the dust and debris that builds up over time and reduces efficiency. 

Bleed your radiators when needed

The air that circulates heat around your radiators can become trapped over time. When this happens you’ll find your radiators aren’t heating properly or are only heating at the bottom. This is due to the air being trapped or stuck and preventing the heat from spreading throughout. You can bleed your radiators yourself through careful use of a radiator key. After bleeding, you should notice a difference in how your radiators work straight away, as the trapped air will be replaced and you’ll be able to enjoy full heat once again.  

Get your pipes insulated

One of the most common reasons for a boiler breaking down is frozen pipes. In the colder weather, if an external pipe running from your boiler freezes it means your boiler can’t transmit the heat and hot water it needs to. This is actually simple to manage, through insulating your pipes with foam lagging tubes, which you can buy from your local DIY store. This helps stop the pipes reaching freezing point. It can also help to keep your heating on low over winter, even when out.

Let your boiler breathe

To perform to the best of their ability, boilers need to be well ventilated. If they are surrounded by clutter it can affect their performance which can eventually lead to them breaking down. Because they’re often located in cupboards, it can be tempting to stash things around them like coats or towels, but it’s much better for your boiler if it has space to breathe. 

Need help keeping your boiler healthy?

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