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Common Boiler Problems During Winter You Should Know About

While we use our boilers all-year-round, in winter we rely on them more than ever. A home without heating and hot water during the cold months is not somewhere you want to spend time, but sadly this is often the season where homeowners experience the most trouble with their boiler.

In the following post, we outline some of the main boiler problems experienced in winter, and suggestions for prevention or cures.

Frozen pipes

If your pipes freeze your boiler can’t send water around them to heat your radiators and provide hot water for your bath or shower. In winter, this commonly occurs with the condensation pipe, which runs from the back of your boiler. Fortunately, if this happens it’s usually easy to resolve yourself. Simply pour warm (not hot) water over the length of the pipe continually, until you hear a trickle inside indicating that the water is moving again.

You could also consider leaving your heating on low (at around 13 degrees) throughout very cold spells of weather, as this will prevent the pipes reaching freezing point.

Radiators not fully heating

While this can happen at any time of the year, you’re probably most likely to notice it when the weather gets cold and you really need to feel the benefit of hot radiators. If your radiators have cold spots or are only part heating, it may be down to air being trapped inside them, preventing the heat from circulating. You can resolve this yourself, by carefully bleeding your radiators with a radiator key. This should release the air that’s trapped inside, and you should notice a difference in performance straight away.

Pilot light trouble

Your boiler won’t work without your pilot light, so if it switches off it will need investigating. It’s impossible to say why this happens without inspecting your boiler, but one reason pilot lights switch off is as a safety precaution. For example, if there is a build-up of gas, your pilot light may switch off to keep you safe, which is why it’s wise to always ask a Gas Safe registered engineer to check it for you.

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